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HP Proliant Generation 8 Servers – Potential Disk Gotcha

As far back into the past as most of us can remember, HP has used “Universal” disks so you know that within sensible limits your 3.5” hot plug disks would fit any HP server that had a 3.5” hot plug drive bay, and similarly for the 2.5” spinning platters. Now with the new Gen8 servers, […] ...read the full article

HP Memory Configuration Rules for Dual Socket Gen8 Servers

These rules apply to the dual socket ML350, DL360, DL380 and BL460 servers. The tower and rack models have 12 DIMM slots per processor, in a 4 channel, 3DIMMs per channel configuration. The BL460 blade only has 8 slots per processor with 4 channels and 2 DIMMS per channel, represented by the blue rectangles above. […] ...read the full article

HP Proliant Generation 8 Servers

HP have recently released their latest generation of the world’s best selling servers. Having corrected most of the errors in the product specifications – some of which were first reported by the eagle-eyed staff at EACS – we now know the fine detail of what these systems do. The Gen8 release applies to the dual […] ...read the full article

Memory – Beware Trying to Cut Costs

Since circa 2009 the likes of HP and Dell have been shipping servers with Intel Xeon processors which have 9 DIMM slots available per processor. These 9 slots are presented in 3 channels of 3 rows. When only limited memory was required e.g. 4GB or 6 GB, filling one row with 2GB modules was ideal […] ...read the full article