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Changes to Windows Licensing for Enterprises – Per User, rather than Per Device

In many organisations, the device count is growing much faster than the user count with end users demanding Windows access from all manner of new devices. Microsoft has announced that it’s now offering enterprise users a new per-user, rather than per-device, licensing option for Windows 7 and Windows 8 Enterprise. This allows organisations to purchase […] ...read the full article

Decoding the Microsoft Message

This week Microsoft has been hosting their UK customer and partner events at London ExCeL under the banner of Future Decoded. Here are some thoughts from our Director of Partners & Alliances… The event comprises of the usual format of keynote speakers, followed by breakout sessions. With their eyes fixed firmly in the future a […] ...read the full article

EACS delivers System Center enhancements with Cireson

Those of you who work with System Center products may have come across the names Travis Wright and Wally Mead. These two heavyweights from the world of System Center have recently moved from Microsoft to Cireson, a group of experts delivering innovative extensions to the native functionality in Service Manager. Travis Wright is the former […] ...read the full article

TechEd: Empowering and Protecting your Mobile Users

Our consultants report back from Microsoft’s TechEd Europe Conference in Barcelona this week… After Day 1 of TechEd, there are two words which stand out: Enterprise Mobility.  Gone are the days where a user had a single corporate device, plugged into the wall with a LAN cable. These days, a user typically has anywhere between […] ...read the full article

Update from Canalys IT Channel Forum (Day 2)

Here’s the second installment of the blog from our Solutions Director, who was at Canalys Channels Forum in Cannes last week…. For me, the highlight from Day 2 was a presentation by Jonathan MacDonald about shifting from trying to manage change (as a one off activity) to managing perpetual change, and more importantly using change […] ...read the full article

The ShellShock Bug

There has been publicity recently regarding the ShellShock bug (CVE-2014-6271), a security flaw in the Bash shell which is commonly used in Unix environments. Bash is the command interpreter for Linux and Unix based operating systems. Our current understanding is that the vulnerability potentially exposes web servers and other services that use the bash shell […] ...read the full article

Update from Canalys Channel Forum

Here’s the first blog from the new Solutions Director at EACS, who was at Canalys Channels Forum in Cannes this week…. As someone who has been to many IT conferences over the years, this was my first time at a non-vendor specific event…and what a refreshing change! Receiving analysis based insight, informed by surveys from […] ...read the full article

WPC Day 3 – It’s a People Thing

More insights from our Partner & Alliances Director who is attending Microsoft’s Worldwide Partner Conference this week… Didn’t Steve Jobs say that the key to success is to start with the customer experience and work backwards? This approach and message is now firmly at the heart of the Microsoft strategy, moving forward under the stewardship […] ...read the full article

WPC Day 2 – Customer Obsession

The EACS team at Microsoft’s Worldwide Partner Conference this week provide an update from day two… During Monday’s keynote, Kevin Turner gave a call to arms around how we must obsess about customer satisfaction. This is always a tricky one as how do you measure and what do you measure? There is often confusion about […] ...read the full article

WPC Day 1 – Disruption, Differentiation and Speed

An update from the EACS team who are at Microsoft’s Worldwide Partner Conference this week… The core themes from the keynotes today could be summarised as Disruption, Differentiation and Speed. This is how Microsoft believes they will become the partner of choice for businesses and consumers. To achieve this they will be adopting a Challenger […] ...read the full article