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Predictions for Microsoft’s Worldwide Partner Conference

This year’s Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC) is much anticipated with the new CEO and Corporate Vice President of the Worldwide Partner Groups first outings in their new roles. So what can we expect? Here are some predictions for the event from our Director of Partners & Alliances…. Tone: I remember at a previous conference Steve […] ...read the full article

Integrating Xenmobile with Existing Citrix infrastructure

XenMobile is still a new product in Citrix’s portfolio, and there is a learning curve when installing the full Enterprise product. This entails installing XenMobile Device Management software, a Storefront server, ShareFile Storage controllers, as well as AppController and Netscaler appliances. Each on their own is a straightforward task - but on their own, there […] ...read the full article

NetApp has publicly announced the release of the NetApp FAS8000 series.

At launch, the FAS 8000 series comprises 3 models; the 8020, 8040 and 8060 and these essentially replace the current 3200 and 6200 series. The FAS8020 delivers more performance than the existing FAS3220 and FAS3250 models with the FAS8040 and FAS8060 covering the performance of the three existing FAS6200 series systems. Although supporting both clustered […] ...read the full article

Marketing Challenges IT for the Voice of the Customer

In many ways there is more that IT and Marketing have in common than you may think. They are both well established although often feel under represented at the board table and think that the value that they bring can be perceived as limited. This can result in IT and Marketing fighting for the right […] ...read the full article

My New Desktop Experience

The way we work is changing. Enterprise Mobility and virtualisation technologies along with the increased use of consumer devices in the workplace is enabling users to get work done in new and exciting ways. Those businesses that embrace these technologies and encourage the use of collaboration tools are seeing an increase in sales and new […] ...read the full article

Are you considering your training for 2014?

I’m Sharon and I recently joined EACS to head-up Harvard Training. I have over twelve years’ experience of working closely with clients across all business sectors to understand their specific training requirements and help them build training plans. Harvard Training, a division of EACS, aims to work in partnership with your organisation to provide advice […] ...read the full article

They get to bring their own device. You get security and control.

Smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices give people greater flexibility, mobility and productivity. But they can also create new security challenges for IT. With Citrix BYOD solutions, you can embrace Android, Apple iOS and Windows tablets and smartphones in the workplace, and maintain security and control. Consumerisation is well established in the enterprise and will […] ...read the full article

Have you ever heard of a Yottabyte?

...Or a Zettabyte for that matter. While most of us are just about coming to terms with Terabytes, the concept of Petabytes doesn’t seem as scary as it used to be. One thing is for sure, data is growing, more quickly than ever. According to analyst groups, data growth between 2010 and 2015 is likely […] ...read the full article

Update from The Systems Management Team

EACS is pleased to announce the formation of a brand new Centre of Excellence within the organisation, focusing on the best practice management of IT systems and processes. Systems management has become a hot topic for our customers particularly during the past twelve months and the number of experts we have in this field has […] ...read the full article

Update from the Control & Collaboration Team

EACS and the Control & Collaboration Team specifically, have had an incredible journey through 2013 as we have been experiencing extremely high levels of demand across all our solution areas. What has caused this upsurge in demand? It must be a new “whizz-bang” technology that addresses an unresolvable issue or challenge facing our clients. Well.......no, […] ...read the full article