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Why BYOD and the right MDM must be part of your company strategy

Smartphones and tablet devices are now a part of our everyday lives. More than ever before, we are using multiple connected devices in our private lives and we want the convenience they bring to our communications to be part of our business lives as well. Consequently, IT departments at businesses and organisations of all sizes […] ...read the full article

The Value of Project Management

As IT becomes more complex and business-critical, it is vital that business and IT change is managed effectively. Project management reduces risk during the implementation of complex IT solutions and ensures the successful outcome of your project. Organisations undertake IT projects of varying size and complexity, but they all require management to co-ordinate and control […] ...read the full article

To Cloud or not to Cloud?

That is the question on the lips of boardroom members and IT teams everywhere. The push for cloud computing is getting stronger every day. What many people do not realise is that you may have already implemented some form of cloud computing without really knowing it. If you are using email filtering and continuity services […] ...read the full article

From Good to Great – Why Office 365 Needs Mimecast

Matthew Ravden, Chief Strategy Officer at Mimecast, looks at how enterprises are using Office 365 and Mimecast email management solutions together to provide enhanced security, compliance and uptime. From the moment BPOS was first released about five years ago, we’ve consistently said that we welcome Microsoft’s move to the cloud, that it’ll be a great […] ...read the full article

Update from the Desktop & Application Delivery Team

2013 was another year of new technologies - finally the merging of Citrix XenDesktop and XenApp infrastructures, the mainstream adoption of XenMobile & ShareFile and a huge take-up of Microsoft Hyper-V v3 following the release of Windows Server 2012 R2. We’ve managed to maintain and update our skill sets and have now expanded with a […] ...read the full article

AppDNA Editions Explained

Citrix AppDNA is the ultimate tool for application lifecycle management and accelerator for desktop migration, simplifying the task of validating your applications against your target platform before you migrate. Since Citrix purchased AppDNA back in October 2011 the licensing situation for the product has been changing, there are currently three per user editions available to […] ...read the full article

Storage Capacity – why doesn’t my disk deliver what it says on the label?

In the good old days, storage was referred to in units of kilobytes and megabytes and nobody appeared to have any issue with this. However as units of storage got larger, the more observant computer users noticed some strange things happening. For example, you would buy a 500GB disk, install it in your computer and […] ...read the full article

Optimising User Logons for XenApp and XenDesktop

In XenApp (XA) and XenDesktop (XD) environments, a slow logon process can cause frustration and grant users a poor operational experience. This blog serves to highlight some of the possible areas that can cause logon delay and provide some tips in optimising the logon process. The logon process can be split into ten stages as […] ...read the full article

What’s New in Veeam Backup & Replication V7?

Veeam recently released version 7 of their highly commended Backup and Replication product (VMworld 2013 Best Backup and Data protection, Best of TechEd 2013 for Backup and Recovery) and with this have managed to improve upon arguably one of the best virtualisation backup and recovery platforms by adding industry first features that many users have […] ...read the full article

What does Exchange 2013 offer over previous versions?

Following on from the EACS Exchange 2013 event we recently ran with Microsoft in London, and the release of their second cumulative update, one of our consultants provides an overview of what Exchange 2013 offers over previous versions... Hybrid Cloud The ability to use a cloud service to reduce fixed costs is becoming a key […] ...read the full article