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Microsoft WPC Update 2012 – Windows 8

Today Microsoft announced that Windows 8 will be on general release in October 2012 with the official release to market date set for early August.

The range of devices on show was very impressive from full tablets to high powered combined devices. This said the Microsoft Surface as shown to market a few weeks ago is a notable absentee.

With 1 million downloads of the Beta software in the first 24 hours it is claimed that Windows 8 will be the most tested operating system in history, with the premise being that it will also be the most quickly and widely adopted.

It’s hard to argue when you see the way that Microsoft are harmonising the user experience right from the X box to the Enterprise with their “Metro” interface.

They are also helping users to early adopt by offering Windows 8 upgrade for newly purchased devices for only $14.99.

There is high expectation and interest around Windows 8 and Microsoft are playing a high risk game as if their surface device doesn’t offer a genuine alternative to the iPad, then users will simply reaffirm their commitment to Apple rather than Microsoft and this time could be for keeps.

In his key note Steve Ballmer was very clear that Windows is the heart and soul of Microsoft and that this release is a genuine re-imagining of their core platform. Whilst this sounds risky it is also fair to say that their many old heads at Microsoft who know and understand the importance of Windows to their business and so would not be doing this unless they were supremely confident of the outcome.

At EACS we have provided desktop delivery services to customers for many years and the excitement that is surrounding Windows 8 is a clear statement of intent from Microsoft to bring the consumer world to business.

Mike Dearlove, Managing Director, EACS