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Technical Tip of the Week: Delegate Control to Users Working with GPOs

Another tip from the EACS technical support team... Delegate Control to Users Working with GPOs You can allow a non-administrative user or a group (including users and groups from other domains) to work with a domain, site, or OU GPO by granting one of three specific permissions: Read - Allows the user or group to […] ...read the full article

Technical Tip of the Week: Quickly Filter Event Logs in Windows Server 2008

Our weekly technical tip from our technical support team... The Event Viewer automatically creates several filtered views of the event logs. Filtered views are listed under the Custom Views node. When you select the Administrative Events node, you see a list of all errors and warnings for all logs. When you expand the Server Roles […] ...read the full article

Simple Steps to PST Freedom

PSTs don’t have to put valued corporate data at risk. Whether you decide to live with them, discover and manage the PST data where it resides or you choose to eliminate PST files altogether, you have options to set you free. Options that don’t put an unnecessary burden on IT, your system resources or users. […] ...read the full article

Technical Tip of the Week: Pin A Drive to the Taskbar

The taskbar isn't just for apps and documents. In just a few seconds you can pin drive icons there, too. Right-click an empty part of the desktop, select New > Text File, and rename the file to drive.exe. Drag and drop this onto your taskbar, then delete the original file. Right-click your new "drive.exe" taskbar […] ...read the full article

Technical Tip of the Week: Rearrange the System Tray

With Windows 7 we finally see system tray icons behave in a similar way to everything else on the taskbar. So if you want to rearrange them, then go ahead, just drag and drop them into the order you like […] ...read the full article

Technical Tip of the Week: Find Bottlenecks

If your Windows 7 PC seems sluggish, it's now much easier to uncover the bottleneck. Click Start, type RESMON and press Enter to launch the Resource Monitor, then click the CPU, Memory, Disk or Network tabs. Windows 7 will immediately show which processes are hogging the most system resources. The CPU view is particularly useful, […] ...read the full article