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Office 365….the journey continues

The blog below was provided by one of our consultants on the EACS Infrastructure team who specialises in designing and implementing Messaging and Cloud Productivity products... The quiet after the storm has come… either you’ve gone big bang and migrated all your mailboxes to Office 365 in one hit, or you’ve slowly but surely moved […] ...read the full article

Flash, Aahhh, The Possibilities…NetApp Makes Fantasy a Reality with the AFF8000 Series

All-flash storage changes the way companies do business by dramatically speeding application performance and improving server efficiency. Unfortunately, the exisitng all-flash options lack core enterprise capabilities such as application integration, built-in data protection, and integration with the cloud. Not to mention there isn’t a flash array out there that can handle unified protocols (SAN and […] ...read the full article

How can Citrix PVS supercharge your IOPs? Part 3 – Conclusion

Q. What have we learned about Write Cache in the latest incarnation of XenDesktop - currently 7.6 ? A. If you want your machines to perform faster than traditional storage implement Cache in device RAM with overflow to hard disk. As you can see by the examples above IOPS were increased almost 10 fold. EACS […] ...read the full article

How can Citrix PVS supercharge your IOPs ? Part 2 – Testing

EACS has completed some independent testing and has come up with the following results using IO Meter and parameter associated with PVS Targets (80 Writes 20 Reads). The same parameters for IOMeter were used on each PVS Target, these were specifically set to emulate a VDI workload normally associated with PVS Targets. Hypervisor Spec : […] ...read the full article

How can Citrix PVS supercharge your IOPs? Part 1 – The History

You may be aware of Citrix Provisioning Services (PVS) and the different options, as they have been around for some years, but do you know the benefits of each? EACS has been a Citrix partner for over 18 years and we like to explore all the functionality of their current products, Citrix PVS being one […] ...read the full article

Sophos Cloud Migration Tool

There are many reasons why organisations are beginning their journey to the cloud; two of the most common are the consolidation of server estates and increased mobility for users and devices while retaining functionality and security. This generally leads to line of business applications being the first on the roadmap to be moved. However, organisations […] ...read the full article