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Azure & Microsoft Datacenter Security

Following the last two blogs on the security of cloud services, below we look at Microsoft Azure in more detail… The Microsoft Azure IaaS environment should be considered as an extension of your datacentre. Microsoft is a staunch supporter of the concept that the data you place in cloud services is your data, not theirs. […] ...read the full article

Office 365 Security

Following the previous blog which looked at the security of cloud services, below we examine the security features used to protect your data in Office 365 and some of the ways your data is protected in transit… The Office 365 service provides many layers of security. Microsoft wants to be seen as a safe pair […] ...read the full article

How secure are your cloud services?

With Microsoft, Amazon and Google currently enticing businesses and consumers into cloud services with promises of resiliency, scalability and simplified administration, many companies are quite understandably moving services and data into the cloud in some way or other. Before making such a leap however, questions need to be asked around data security and compliance. Cloud […] ...read the full article

Office 365 Multi Factor Authentication

Great news for users of Office 365 Multi Factor Authentication! Office 365 MFA is soon to be fully supported in Office 2013 Windows client applications. At the moment, MFA only supports web based applications like OWA. If you have MFA enabled and want to use rich client applications such as Outlook 2013, you have to […] ...read the full article

Doing WAN Better Than The Carriers

EACS can provide a range of communications services focused on the design of reliable, scalable, cost effective, flexible, integrated network access solutions across the Wide Area Network (WAN). These solutions can consist of multiple network providers along with multiple products, services and vendor hardware, integrated into a single managed contract. We will design and maintain […] ...read the full article

Why is 8765.81 an interesting number?

Is it how much Wayne Rooney earns per day? The number of shoes Imelda Marcos owned? Or perhaps the total miles around the UK coast line? 8765.81 is actually the number of hours in a year. Why do we state how many hours there are in a year? It’s to encourage you to contemplate how […] ...read the full article

Strategic Bridges: Aligning Business and IT

Sustainable growth is often put down to technology boosting productivity, but that's not necessarily the whole story. Yes, productivity gains are the engine of economic growth, sustainability and success. Through history, technology has often provided the platform for productivity to grow by orders of magnitude - from the wheel, to ships, railways, telegraphy, cars, and […] ...read the full article

IT Survey: Your Business & Technology Priorities

In 2014 we ran our annual survey to find out what our customers’ top technology and business priorities were. We shared these insights during the keynote speeches at our Optimise IT events. Interestingly, there appeared to be a disconnect between what the business was demanding and what IT needed to deliver. All vendors seem to […] ...read the full article

Windows Server 2003 End of Life – Your Opportunity for Transformation

The end of support for Windows Server 2003 R2 on 14th July 2015 means your business needs to ensure that it has a plan to migrate the applications and workloads currently relying on Windows Server 2003 onto Windows Server 2012 R2 or Microsoft Azure. No updates - Will be developed or released after the end […] ...read the full article

Skills for the modern age

If you don’t like change then you are in the wrong industry. The technology rate of change has never been faster, and businesses now understand more about what IT can deliver. The skills for today are no longer the skills that will be needed in the future. The rise of cloud computing and Anything as […] ...read the full article